Sleeping Under the Stars

The possibilities are endless, tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses.

I went with the REI Taj 3 Tent with footprint for home base.  When we abandon the car and go backpacking deeper into the woods I have a lightweight REI quarterdome T1 tent that I love.

After reading tons of reviews I decided on the Aero All Terrain mattress and will keep you updated how it holds up after a few months of wear and tear.  I already had an Exped Synmat that fits perfectly in the smaller tent.

I find it an interesting exercise in stretching and correct movement to successfully hoist this 54 year old body from laying on a mattress 8″ off the ground to a standing position.  I’m thinking of starting a yoga movement based on just this discipline.

My portable bedroom for the next year consists of a tent, mattress, Lafuma down sleeping bag, along with silk and fleece bag liners.  I am bringing a full size pillow and a couple really warm, wool army blankets from WWII.

Cold weather hint:  hand warmers stuffed in a sock at the bottom of your sleeping bag keep the toes warm for 8 hours and cost 50 cents.


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  1. Tip for you. If it’s cold, tuck your clothes for the next day in a rolled up ball on the inside of your back along one side. You’ll have warm toasty clothes to crawl into in the morning!


  2. Posted by Yvonne on March 15, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    Hi Cathy,
    You should also know that they make those same hand warmers for your feet… They stick to the bottom of your sock and keep your feet warm and toasty. I also found that when you feel like they are running down pull your feet out of those hiking boots and the air will reactivate them for even a longer time… Great fun to read about your adventure.


  3. Cathy – I have slept out under the stars in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. I actually camped out twice last year in the Mournes. It was a fantastic couple of days out. A long hike on day 1, a good camp site and a short hike on day two. I love the photograph by the way. Always take the old digi cam with you – Frank


  4. Posted by Dean Markasky on March 17, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    Great idea, about keeping your toes warm.


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