Oregon and the Columbia River Gorge are such awesome places to hike.    Dog Mountain, Hamilton Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Multnomah to Waukeena Falls, Cape Horn, North Lake on Mt. Hood and Coyote Wall, the beautiful and amazing Falls Creek Falls.

I gave my sister Arleen, my favorite hiking partner, a book of Hikes with Dogs before I left town and hope her dog Stanley enjoys the hikes.   We logged a lot of miles in 2010 and came close to completing the entire Wildwood Trail in Forest Park.

Hiking through North America is one of the things I am looking forward to most.   Edgar, my dog, is in great shape and raring to go.  I have been logging 10-20 miles per week and am raring to go.

I am looking for feedback from my readers on hikes, things to explore, campgrounds to stay in and national treasures not to miss.  So tell me: What is your favorite National Park?  What do you think is the coolest unknown national treasure?  What is the best place to hike “Off the Grid”?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Cathy,
    I loved Crater Lake. Also the Oregon Caves is really amazing!!


  2. Dog Mountain is really beautiful in the spring time.

    Are you going to be down near Yosemite/John Muir Trail? If not (and if you never have been there), I highly recommend it. Even if you just go to Yosemite and there are lots of people, it is still amazing and beautiful.

    Thanks for keeping us updated!


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