If you name your boat Karma, you should be nice to others.

We are moving off Liberty today.  When you live aboard at a marina you have to tote all your stuff from the parking lot to the boat and back, the dock supplies little karts for toting heavier things.  There are only a few karts and as you can guess, they are in constant use.  I saw a nice looking couple taking a kart to the dock and asked them if they were going to be using it all day, they said they were moving off their boat and would.  As I hand lugged the stuff off my boat I noticed the kart in front of their boat, loaded, but not being used.  WTF!!!

I finally got Liberty empty and the kart still sat there, unused.

When the boat owner finally returned, hours later, I thanked him for his generosity in letting me use the public kart while he was otherwise occupied, he took offense 🙂

If you name your boat Karma you should remember it comes in two forms, bad and good.

Edgar is not doing so well, he has had 5 seizures per day for the last 3 days.  So far so good for today.  Please send all your good doggy karma his way.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hey Cathy, I will be sending good doggy karma Edgar’s way. Also I just love reading your witty post. They crack me up. Where are you headed to next?


  2. Ah, grasshopper, you should get GREAT karma for being the person that you are! 🙂 I know that I, like all of your followers/subscribers, are sending lots of powerful doggie karma for Edgar.



  3. I’m thinking of you and Edgar. Can you up his meds when he is having a problem like this? He has the very best Mom!!
    I do believe in karma. Was the boat actually named karma? Pretty funny. He may spring a little leak.
    Miss you. We will toast you tonight. Getting together with Crystal, Andrea and Tiffany at Coyotes.


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