Redondo and Hermosa Beaches, CA

Learning to surf was so much fun!  I actually got up and surfed two waves.  You can understand why surfers are in such good shape, it takes endurance to work your way out to, and stay in, the wave zone, quick reflexes to go from a laying on your hands and toes position to standing on a moving board, and then falling correctly into the waves and coming up while protecting your head with a hand from surfboards above.

Go to Pier Surf in Redondo Beach, CA if you would like to take a lesson and tell them I sent you.  Actually, tell them Josh sent you, he knows everyone in Redondo and Hermosa Beaches and at the Marina.

You can walk the boardwalk all along the beach for miles in front of some really expensive real estate.  Jay Leno has a place along the walk and I am sure quite a few other celebrities.  Dogs can walk the boardwalk, but are not welcomed on the beach.   Edgar loves the beach.


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  1. I remember Redondo Beach had a really cool pier. Concerts By The Sea was sort of under it-great jazz club! I recall a fire many years ago (after I moved to OR). Was the pier rebuilt? Is it still a fun pier? Had lots of interesting shops…not just touristy junk.


  2. That’s a picture of YOU isn’t it? I’m so jealous. I would love to try that, although I don’t have a cordinated bone in my body and I’ve already broken most of them!! Still, I’d love to try!


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