Church Picnic – Old School

Mom and I went to the Rankin Church Annual Picnic, it was wild!!  Accordion playing tunes from the 40’s and homemade food from the church members.  Enough jello salads to fill a small pool, I tried each one and they were all delicious. 

Door prizes ranging from a tee shirt to hoagies from the local pizza joint.

I was introduced to people from 7 to 93 years in age, everyone knows each other and family was the topic of conversation. 

Mom’s friend, Betty, loves the church and helps organize the event every year.

Thanks Betty, you did good.



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  1. I hope you’re enjoying some birch beer while you’re there. I haven’t had any since 1970…love that stuff!


  2. Looks like a great time. Make me miss back home! Great talking with you and be safe.


  3. Posted by Steve Baker on July 26, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    Well Hiya Cathy! Sounds like it’s good to be home. That picnic you went to … ha … reminds me of the baked bean suppah they would have in my grandparents little town of Union, ME. My grandma would introduce us kids to 30 of her friends (average age was probably 98) Half of them probably thought we were their grandkids! Old people … they loooooove kids! Did you have any watermelon seed fights? Have a bowl of fish eyes (tapioca) for me.


  4. thanks cathy good pics of everyone…my granddaughter jenza is a ham……huh….


  5. Brings back memories of family get togethers as a child. I miss that. Could do without all the jello molds!


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