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The first thing I check in my e-mail is comments to the blog.  Always excited to see that my posts are read and that people have something to add.  Peggy, you do a great job, love it.  Michele, always insightful, Sisters – take a second to give your big sister some encouragement, advice or admonishment 🙂  I never delete or change comments, believing in taking life as it comes at me, such as this adventure.

I am still in Pennsylvania taking the time to work on my Mother’s property and getting it ready to meet the harsh winter ahead.  The RV is in Hillsboro at Chaps RV Repair having some work done to the fuel system.  My plan is to head back to the West Coast at the end of September and camp along the beautiful coast.  I still have reservations in the Florida Keys for Christmas through New Years, but, thats a long way off and well, the futures uncertain.

Edgar is doing great, making friends, eating strange things, escaping.  He is laying under my feet right now because he ate something bad last night, so far I have given him 3 tums.  Edgar………………….



Hummingbird Wars

My Mom has two hummingbird feeders that are constantly buzzing with the 13 birds she has attracted.  Those birds drink about 2 gallons of feed a week.

More interesting than television, I am constantly amused by their antics.  The male birds are smaller and fat, the females taller and trim.  The dominant male keeps his eye on the feeder letting the females feed and chasing away all other male suitors.  They actually knock each other to the ground they run into each other with such force.



I came across this big boy taking a walk. Edgar steered clear. So did I!

There are lots of birds on the river ….. here are a few.


Kinzua Dam

The Allegheny River starts in New York and meanders its way through Pennsylvania ending in downtown Pittsburgh at the golden triangle where it meets the Monongahela and forms the mighty Ohio.

The Kinzua Dam creates a lake that stretches 100 miles through both states.


Baseball, Fireworks and Train!!

“Come down to Pittsburgh, I got tickets for a Pirate game this Saturday”  my friend, Debbie said.  The Pittsburgh Pirates organization sure knows how to put on a show.

We lost to the Padres, as a side note the last time I saw a Pirate game was against the Padres in San Diego!

A concert after the game was included in the price of a ticket $9.00.  The group was TRAIN!!!  omg, one of my favorite groups of all time.

Fireworks framed the group as they sang, even off the Highmark Building in the background.

We went to Rivers Casino after the show and enjoyed a few margaritas, great night in the Burg!

The Natural Beauty of Age

My Mom’s property in Pennsylvania sits on the Allegheny River on top of the original homestead foundation.  In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s this land was occupied by a family who planted apple trees.  They made apple butter and floated to Pittsburgh on a raft, selling their wares and walking back the 100 or so miles to home.

There are still some of the original apple trees on the property including July, Golden Delicious and Mackintosh.

This tree has been living since before television and she was producing apples and feeding families for decades before, well, Apple.

Her trunk is decayed by years of small animals and insects making homes and raising families of their own. Yet, she still is producing apples, oxygen, shade and compost.

I hope to age as gracefully.