The Natural Beauty of Age

My Mom’s property in Pennsylvania sits on the Allegheny River on top of the original homestead foundation.  In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s this land was occupied by a family who planted apple trees.  They made apple butter and floated to Pittsburgh on a raft, selling their wares and walking back the 100 or so miles to home.

There are still some of the original apple trees on the property including July, Golden Delicious and Mackintosh.

This tree has been living since before television and she was producing apples and feeding families for decades before, well, Apple.

Her trunk is decayed by years of small animals and insects making homes and raising families of their own. Yet, she still is producing apples, oxygen, shade and compost.

I hope to age as gracefully.


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  1. Posted by Michele on August 4, 2011 at 6:21 am

    What an amazing tree. I saw a special on OPB about apples and where they came from (although now I can’t seem to remember) I think somewhere in eastern Europe, They showed forests of ancient apple trees.
    Evidently the Johnny Appleseed story is about a man who took advantage of the law that if you planted and orchard on some property it was yours to claim, so I guess he wasn’t as altruistic as believed. Although he certainly didn’t claim all of the land he planted so others did have the advantage of his work.
    The OPB show was fascinating, it was about 5 plants that changed the course of history. Corn, tulips, potatoes, apples and I can’t remember the 5th one, I was a very informative show.
    I’m enjoying following your travel and travails. luvM


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