Hummingbird Wars

My Mom has two hummingbird feeders that are constantly buzzing with the 13 birds she has attracted.  Those birds drink about 2 gallons of feed a week.

More interesting than television, I am constantly amused by their antics.  The male birds are smaller and fat, the females taller and trim.  The dominant male keeps his eye on the feeder letting the females feed and chasing away all other male suitors.  They actually knock each other to the ground they run into each other with such force.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I love hummingbirds. I have plants in my yard that they love and keep feeders up for them. I’ve seen the battles. It’s amazing that such a delicate looking little creature can be so viscious!!


  2. I have 3 feeders in my yard. Every evening we have what we call the hummingbird dance. We just sit and watch them dance around the backyard getting their last meal of the day. I LOVE my hummers.


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