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The business plan….

As a serial entrepreneur, I understand the importance of a business plan and why you need a path to follow…..that being said.

Cathy Herman Design which morphed into Ms. Print Printing Center, Inc. was a start up business that I owned and sold while living in Pittsburgh. I learned that working hard enough to be successful, listening and taking good advice from solid mentors, keeping your eye on the balance sheet, doing work you love and paying attention to customers needs are all part of a good business plan.

American Woman Promotions is the name of the dream, putting the name to paper and filing all necessary paperwork with the state and local government is the path to making the dream a reality, done. is up and running.

Website registration, creation, shopping cart, twitter, facebook, google+, LinkedIn, logos, business cards, giveaways, new printer, wifi, connections with vendors, tradeshows, cash flow, cash flow, cash, flow.  I have learned that taking one day at a time, one thing at a time and doing it correctly, in the moment, is the way to wade through countless projects and hone them down to size.

With any new business cash flow is king, of course in the beginning the cash usually flows in an outward direction. Social marketing is one of the things you can do successfully on a budget, there are tons of resources on line to learn the newest tips and sites and I am taking advantage of not having a TV to learn them at night.

Although it takes time to plan correctly, most systems will be in place for years and the upfront work will payout tenfold down the road.  Experience from working with slapped together procedures has taught me an old lesson, measure twice, cut once.



My first post in three weeks. My life has taken some fun and unexpected turns. I got a job at Ft. Stevens State Park as a Host. My duties include keeping the new cabins clean in change for a free spot for my RV in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Ft. Stevens is situated at the mouth of the Columbia River where it empties into the Pacific. Ft. Stevens Military Reservation guarded the mouth of the Columbia River from the Civil War through World War II.  5 miles of hiking trails and 7 miles of bike path through forests and dune grass opening to the Pacific on one side and the Columbia River on the other. The name of this blog “offthegridwithcathyherman” will still be appropriate as the Host position only lasts 3 months at a time, my next assignment is at Nehalem Bay State Park near Manzanita (I know, tough duty).

The most important lesson I took away from my road trip was my ability to adapt to life as it unfurled in front of me, all while enjoying the ride.

The other decision I made was to start my own business. American Woman Promotions. Travel with me as I start a small business in America, selling promotional products made in America to promote American companies and events.

The transition from travel and adventure to entrepreneurship is full of comparisons.  Facing new situations daily, making decisions on which direction to travel, navigating road blocks and government red tape, tracking expenditures and planning for the unexpected. The joy of launching a new business is terrifying, taking the leap of faith in yourself and your abilities. The same terrifying joy I felt when I hit the road last March and started this blog.