Mission Statement

Working for large, small and medium size corporations I have learned each has their own mission statement. Most put people first, customers first, integrity first, then they go on to say something about how they treat their communities.

American Woman Promotions first mission is to make enough money to support itself, because truthfully the mission of any business is to be self-sustaining. Choosing only American made, high quality products for my customers is mission two. Treating the world responsibly, selecting companies, shipping methods and products that reflect human and environmental stewardship is mission three.

I always had to memorize any mission statements and quite frankly, can’t exactly remember one. Companies that truly reflect their missions are easy to spot, Southwest Airlines, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Paul Newman products, Goodwill and the host of small businesses that support little league baseball, town parades and civic responsibilities all across America.

That being said, here is my first try, all feedback welcomed….

“American Woman Promotions is dedicated to providing its customers with high quality, American made promotional products that reflect each of their unique standings in their communities and the world.”


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  1. I think the American Made theme in your Mission statement is very strong. It’s a great niche! The only advice I’d have is to avoid the standard corporate speak of “our clients” and say your mission as if you were talking to one person.

    “American Woman Promotions is dedicated to providing you with high quality, American made promotional products that reflect your unique standings in your community and the world.”

    You could even replace “American Woman Promotions is” with “We are”

    Either way this statement allows the reader to better connect with you, and it gives the feeling that you are really talking to him/her.

    I hope that helps. I wish you a ton of luck with your new business.


  2. Posted by Richard J. Michel on December 3, 2011 at 12:29 am

    I like it!


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