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Hummingbird Wars

My Mom has two hummingbird feeders that are constantly buzzing with the 13 birds she has attracted.  Those birds drink about 2 gallons of feed a week.

More interesting than television, I am constantly amused by their antics.  The male birds are smaller and fat, the females taller and trim.  The dominant male keeps his eye on the feeder letting the females feed and chasing away all other male suitors.  They actually knock each other to the ground they run into each other with such force.


Church Picnic – Old School

Mom and I went to the Rankin Church Annual Picnic, it was wild!!  Accordion playing tunes from the 40’s and homemade food from the church members.  Enough jello salads to fill a small pool, I tried each one and they were all delicious. 

Door prizes ranging from a tee shirt to hoagies from the local pizza joint.

I was introduced to people from 7 to 93 years in age, everyone knows each other and family was the topic of conversation. 

Mom’s friend, Betty, loves the church and helps organize the event every year.

Thanks Betty, you did good.



Redondo and Hermosa Beaches, CA

Learning to surf was so much fun!  I actually got up and surfed two waves.  You can understand why surfers are in such good shape, it takes endurance to work your way out to, and stay in, the wave zone, quick reflexes to go from a laying on your hands and toes position to standing on a moving board, and then falling correctly into the waves and coming up while protecting your head with a hand from surfboards above.

Go to Pier Surf in Redondo Beach, CA if you would like to take a lesson and tell them I sent you.  Actually, tell them Josh sent you, he knows everyone in Redondo and Hermosa Beaches and at the Marina.

You can walk the boardwalk all along the beach for miles in front of some really expensive real estate.  Jay Leno has a place along the walk and I am sure quite a few other celebrities.  Dogs can walk the boardwalk, but are not welcomed on the beach.   Edgar loves the beach.


America’s Vastness

In the months I have been traveling across the United States what strikes me most is the vastness of America.  I-10, I-40, I-80 and so many other highways that cross our country span great open plains, deserts and vast areas of farmland.

The desert southwest is beautiful and isolated, miles and miles of open country with striking views.  Traveling the I-5 corridor through California reveals long stretches of almonds, artichokes, peppers and all types of salad vegetables along with cattle and withering farmland caused by Congress and their water policies.

Crossing over the Rockies is remote and striking in beauty.  Middle America is awash in corn and soybean, green and lush.

Texas has by far the best roads and cheapest gas, I guess it helps having two Presidents residing there.  The worst roads are California with by far the most expensive gas, they have every other rest stop closed.

There is a lot of construction across the country, glad to see it and the jobs created.  Slow down for those construction workers.


San Antonio, TX

Finally on the road again.   The RV is working beautifully and the car is repaired.

One of the nicest things about having an RV is that it only costs an extra $5.00 at  campgrounds over the price of a tent and ……… Edgar has been a true issue.  Most campground do not allow dogs in tents.  Edgar has made a home in the RV.  He steals two of the four air conditioner vents by sleeping in the middle of the two front seats.

Wal Mart allows RV’s to stay free in their parking lots.  You have to run the generator for air conditioner, but it is nice being self contained.

San Antonio is the nicest city in Texas.  The Riverwalk area was beautiful.  Built one story below the hot city streets it follows a meandering river past restaurants and shops of all kinds.  Parking can be expensive, $50 to $60 per day.  We found a city parking lot behind the LaQuinta for only $5.00 per spot, had to pay for 3 spots, a little walk, but well worth the saved dollars.


“Your car is on fire.”

Driving back to Houston from Galveston without remembering to take the car out of first gear was in retrospect a really stupid thing to do, but I did it anyway.  “Your car is on fire” not words we ever want to hear.  I pulled over to the side of the 610 loop and jumped out.  The car immediately gasped its last breath and spilled it’s oil all over the ground.  I put an engine rod through the oil pan, destroying the engine.

Sabino from the Shell station on the West Road exit off I-45 agreed to put in a new engine for $1,750 and get me going.  BTW, that is after Shalom Car Service, the shop AAA towed me to, quoted $3,959 and said the tranny was blown, it was not.

While the car was being repaired, we decided to take the RV to Dallas.  The RV backfired and stopped in the middle of 7 lanes of traffic on the 610 loop.  When the Houston motorcycle officer pulled up next to my window, I immediately started blabbering incoherently, he looked horrified, and asked me if I could back the RV to the side of the road if he stopped traffic.  After stopping 7 lanes of Houston traffic I backed the rv to the side of the road without power steering, glad I wasn’t towing the car.  A battery cable had shaken loose, we were on our way in minutes after David made the repair.

The Sunday edition…..

Hold onto your reins folks its going to be a wild ride.  Can you tell I’m in Texas?

Last time I wrote, my car was getting a new set of tires in Albuquerque, NM.  I have been texting and talking to my friend David, who I met in Portland, and he was in Houston, TX.  Come on down to Houston and visit, was the simple request. I checked my iPhone and Houston was only 884 miles and I figured, what the heck.

Well…….David’s dad sells RV’s and he had a 1986 Fleetwood Southwind 26′ fully equipped in his girlfriends driveway. ” I will let her go for $3,000 cash, and your sleeping in a tent, step up to luxury my friend ” David’s dad David, Sr. is truly a salesman who understands the correct buttons to push, I liked him right away.

So……….I now own a 1986 RV.  It did have a few problems and David and his dad agreed to help me work them out and get things in shape so I am safe on the road.  I had to have a tow bar attached to my car so I could bring it with me.  The generator needed repaired, we found some incredibly nice redneck southern guys who put in a whole new generator.  These two fine men made me feel like I was with my Dad and they even took the time to look over the RV to make sure I was safe.  Thanks so much to Mark from North Houston, you truly are a gentleman.

So, our first drive was from Houston to Galveston, about an hour south and a good test drive for me.  I was terrified to be driving a 26′ vehicle towing my car, are you freaking kidding!!  ok, I can do this, old folk do it all the time.  I got us to Galveston, we hooked everything up and turned on the water and the shower started to immediately leak.  Noticing the new handles in the tub, I opened the box and we repaired the shower, which is now working beautifully.

Texas is incredibly hot, humid and everything here sticks ya, stabs ya or grabs ya.  Galveston has lots of drive on beaches and having a rv, with all my stuff, my car and air conditioning, makes life much easier.  I am looking forward to setting it up on a beach in California.


Golden Boy II Photos

Golden Boy II made a return and I thought you all might like to see some photos.

Behind the Golden Gate

You can drive through Fort Baker, past the Bay Area Discovery Museum to a point behind the bridge.  If you walk up the road and underneath the bridge you can hike all the way to the top and underneath where it hits the headland, up to the other side for a view of the City and the Pacific.

This bridge is enormous, 6 lanes of traffic and two pedestrian walkways.   I walked halfway across and was assaulted with the nose and noise pollution of so many cars.

The Statue of Liberty in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, there are a few man-made things in the world that we all should see.   The Golden Gate Bridge is certainly on that list.


Avenue of the Giants

Humboldt Redwoods State Park encompasses 53,000 acres of forests, meadows, and watersheds and about 100 miles of hiking, biking, and riding trails.  17,000 acres consists of old-growth coast redwood forests.
The 32-mile Avenue of the Giants parallels 101 and winds its way through the Park.  This road was originally build as a stagecoach and wagon road in the 1880’s.
I was actually brought to tears driving through this majestic place.  Did I get out and hug a tree?  You  betcha!  Some of these old redwoods were alive when the Magna Carta was signed.
About  3/4 through the 32 miles we stopped in Myers Flat at the Daily Grind for a Chai Latte.  Civilization is never too far away in America.