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2006 Toyota Corolla

I am starting this cross country trip in my 2006 5 speed Toyota Corolla S, which I hate.  It is reliable, gets great gas mileage, only needs oil changes, in a word ….boring.  The sound system in this car is terrible and it is very noisy.  I will probably have this car forever because I hate it.

  1. Mileage: 87,000
  2. Tires:  ??? – I am going to Les Schwab today – one mechanic told me the tires are good for another 20,000 miles and another said the back tires were shot.
  3. Wipers:  streaking, they have been streaking since I bought this car.
  4. Brakes: 40%
  5. Fluids – oil changed, cooling system flushed, washer fluid full

I stopped by Bassitt Auto in Beaverton and had them give it a good inspection, they checked my brakes,  fluids, tires and said I was good to go. I stopped into Accurate Auto in Hillsboro this week for an oil change, they said I needed new back tires.   I will keep you updated on miles driven, gas mileage and anything else that happens to the car, which I hate.