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Squirrel Attack

Getting up in the morning, I noticed the roof of the car was left open.  Opening the door and sitting down to start the car to close the roof really scared the dickens out of the squirrel sitting in my backseat enjoying a delicious organic d’anjou pear.  He scrambled up over the head rest and out the way he came in, scaring the dickens out of me!

All I had left of the encounter were some footprints on my car and chewed pear bits and hunks.  The attack occurred on the poor pears, it could have been worse….

Favorite National Park in California

What is that smell?

I had the most wonderful morning!  I met a new friend, he was very low to the ground, black with a white stripe and he smelled wonderful!  I went over to him and he shared his smell with me.  I am such a lucky dog.   My mom thought he smelled wonderful too, she keeps saying, “oh my, Edgar, you smell”.

Mom is talking to the nice people next to us about leaving me with them while she goes to the store and they are making funny faces and laughing about my wonderful smell.  Maybe I will go and get my new friend and bring him back to the boat dock so everyone can meet him.

I am such a lucky dog.


Hillsboro, OR to Sausalito, CA

I really wanted to take my time driving from Hillsboro to Sausalito.  The rain and cold weather pushed me, which makes having no set schedule quite nice.

I arrived in Sausalito Monday afternoon. The sun was shining!

I am lucky enough to be able to stay aboard my brother-in-law’s sloop for a couple weeks.  Edgar walked happily down the dock and I lifted him, by his convenient life vest handle, on board.

Mid April, the boat is being dry docked for a couple days and I am going camping.  Where is your favorite place to camp and hike near Sausalito/SanFrancisco?


Burgers and Mushrooms

We left the Emerald Forest in the rain, it rained most of Sunday and set up wet on Sunday night in a little town called Willits.

It was horrible, now I will quit complaining.  I did luck out finding Buster’s and had a really great burger, the bun was perfect, some fries and a Guiness.

Now the mushrooms.  I met a guy named Jack on Monday morning at a small place. Jack bought me a coffee and croissant.  He had a sign that said he bought mushrooms which is how we met – I asked him about mushrooms.

He is currently buying Black Trumpet, Hedge Hog, and Yellow Feet mushrooms.  Pickers can earn $2,000 – 3,000 a month.  I had no idea.  Jack also owns the little Thai restaurant near 49th and Powell.  Small world.

Breakfast Noodles

I am not your typical “roughing it” type of gal.  I don’t mind long hikes, tents, campfires, rain, animals in the camp at night……..but I do like my comfort.  Eating well and a soft bed are my number one and two priorities.

I am going to publish some recipes for eating well on the road – fast food will not get you up a mountain.

One of my favorite pre-hike breakfasts is:

Breakfast Noodles.

Take the cold spaghetti or egg noodles  out of the cooler and throw it into your preheated cast iron skillet with a little olive oil and some onion.  Break and scramble two eggs – drop the eggs onto the noodles and stir until cooked and coating the noodles.  Add your favorite spice and a little hard cheese, enjoy.

Sleeping Under the Stars

The possibilities are endless, tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses.

I went with the REI Taj 3 Tent with footprint for home base.  When we abandon the car and go backpacking deeper into the woods I have a lightweight REI quarterdome T1 tent that I love.

After reading tons of reviews I decided on the Aero All Terrain mattress and will keep you updated how it holds up after a few months of wear and tear.  I already had an Exped Synmat that fits perfectly in the smaller tent.

I find it an interesting exercise in stretching and correct movement to successfully hoist this 54 year old body from laying on a mattress 8″ off the ground to a standing position.  I’m thinking of starting a yoga movement based on just this discipline.

My portable bedroom for the next year consists of a tent, mattress, Lafuma down sleeping bag, along with silk and fleece bag liners.  I am bringing a full size pillow and a couple really warm, wool army blankets from WWII.

Cold weather hint:  hand warmers stuffed in a sock at the bottom of your sleeping bag keep the toes warm for 8 hours and cost 50 cents.


Change of Perspective

Today is my 54th Birthday.  How did that happen so quickly?  My niece is graduating from COLLEGE in May, my baby sister is closing in on 50.  WTF!

The journey begins heading south on 101 on my way to San Francisco to spend a few weeks chilling on my sister’s boat, tough duty 🙂

Your input will help guide me.   I expected my first hike to be Saddle Mountain, the tallest peak in the Coast Range, but a few feet of snow make it a bit dangerous, so I am heading farther south.   Tonight camping will be at Beverly Beach just north of Newport, OR.

Camping my way through North America is the plan, destinations unknown.   Visiting National and State Parks, writing this blog, photography and hiking are the agenda, everything else is up in the air.

Come explore with me………….


Cooking in the Great Outdoors

Camp stove?  I carry a Snowpeak giga for backpacking and have chosen the Texsport high output dual burner stove for base camp, it got great ratings all over the board and importantly has a flexible hose to connect the propane – that seemed to be a weak point on other stoves I checked out.

Backpacking cook wear? I have the titanium tiWare  from REI and find it heats evenly and quickly and cleans easily.  Base camp, went with the all too heavy cast iron from Lodge, one of the advantages is a no soap clean-up.

Cooler – Yeti.  I chose the 35qt because of size limitations in the trunk.  This cooler can handle dry ice and grizzlies.  The Yeti can keep ice for 7 days in heat, is practically indestructible and grizzly country approved.  It also makes a great desk, step stool and seat.

The indispensable items are aluminum foil, zip bags, garbage bags, spice, beans, dry pasta, bullion – both chicken and vegetable, brown rice, tea, instant coffee, pancake mix and syrup, honey and oatmeal, GORP – good old raisins and peanuts, to which I add some good old m&m’s.

I love Lara Bars – look at the ingredient labels and compare to other food bars, can’t beat a label with only 4 ingredients and I can pronounce them all!  I also have some Clif Bars for long hikes.

I sure would appreciate your input on some great camp recipes – s’more’s I got.


2006 Toyota Corolla

I am starting this cross country trip in my 2006 5 speed Toyota Corolla S, which I hate.  It is reliable, gets great gas mileage, only needs oil changes, in a word ….boring.  The sound system in this car is terrible and it is very noisy.  I will probably have this car forever because I hate it.

  1. Mileage: 87,000
  2. Tires:  ??? – I am going to Les Schwab today – one mechanic told me the tires are good for another 20,000 miles and another said the back tires were shot.
  3. Wipers:  streaking, they have been streaking since I bought this car.
  4. Brakes: 40%
  5. Fluids – oil changed, cooling system flushed, washer fluid full

I stopped by Bassitt Auto in Beaverton and had them give it a good inspection, they checked my brakes,  fluids, tires and said I was good to go. I stopped into Accurate Auto in Hillsboro this week for an oil change, they said I needed new back tires.   I will keep you updated on miles driven, gas mileage and anything else that happens to the car, which I hate.