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Getting ready to hit the road

I set-up the tent to let Edgar get used to his new bedroom.  He jumped right in.

We just got back from Lake Grove Vet and Dr. Wiekum gave Edgar extra meds and an ok to travel.  Edgar knows something is going on and is sticking to me like glue.

Living out of the car trunk for a year has forced me to really decide what is important.

Sleeping comfort came first, the bigger air mattress is going to be worth the extra space.

Cooking and food storage are second.  It is my intention to prepare  most meals.  I am hoping that a woman camping alone will get invited to dine with her fellow campers.  Water storage and purification take some space and is necessary – lots of remote campgrounds do not have potable water.

Hygiene rounds out the top three – no explanation necessary.

I am packing for 3 seasons since I intend to avoid winter weather at all costs.  Camping in the USA makes it easy to find laundromats and grocery stores – really, how far can you be from a store in America?


Crispy on the Edges

Thanks for subscribing to my blog.   I named the blog “Off the Grid” because this will be the first time since I was 18 years old that I have not had an electric bill in my name.

My blog begins with quitting my job, giving up my lease, moving my life into storage and starting a journey.   I really hope you will enjoy traveling with me  as I meet each day with an open mind, open agenda and take on what is thrown at me.  I intend to car camp and backpack and hike my way through the USA.

Day to day struggles to keep up a job, home, bills and all the trappings of civilized life have left me exhausted and “crispy on the edges” or as my friend, Dr. Geri Puleo, says “burned out in America“.

I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take this adventure and even my 81-year-old mom says “go for it, you’re not getting any younger“, thanks, Mom.

Join me along the way if you don’t mind camping under the stars or join me virtually through reading this blog and leaving your comments and suggestions.

Cathy Herman