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I get by with a little help from my friends

I need help.  I would like to publish a “Bug Bite Counter” on my blog.  I do not have the technical savvy, working with WordPress, to make this happen.  It would be nice if it could run along the side like a widget.  Any ideas??

Friends along the way…….I met Mary Ellen Szper, an incredible illustrator,  at the Thrift Shop, who introduced me to Steve, the owner, who both came over to the campground and shared my fire.  Steve brought wood, I have the best fire in the campground, pizza and popcorn, thanks!!   If you go through Coloma, CA, stop in the Thrift Shop and tell Steve I said “Hi”, he has all matter of miscellany for your needs and tons of information about the area.   Anthony, who I met at Sierra Rizing, this incredible bake and coffee shop. I admit to eating lemon bar, apple tart and chocolate chip cookie as breakfast and lunch, it was worth every calorie!!   The 4 girls at Marshall Park with the cute matching pink shirts, and Chris and Jim at American River Resort who have been awesome.


The American River

Do you like to whitewater raft?  Hike? Pan for Gold?   The Coloma-Lotus Valley north of Sacramento has some of the most diverse, iconic landscapes in California and crucial water supply for much of California’s people and agriculture .  The canyon hosts 117  bird species including bald eagle and osprey as well as black bear, deer, bobcat, river otter, rainbow trout and salmon.

The South Fork American River Trail is beautiful.  You can travel on trails near the river for over 20 miles.

Meatgrinder, Troublemaker, Satan’s Cesspool, are you ready to go rafting?  The river is one of the most commercially rafted rivers west of the Rockies, perfect for novices and experts alike.  Children as young as 8 can raft the river and there are over 30 rafting companies to choose from.

This morning, as I was enjoying wi-fi, latte and a sunrise muffin from Sierra Rizing Bakery, a group of young guys from Action Whitewater Adventures were discussing rafting.  Sticking my nose into their conversation got me a ride on the guide raft this Sunday as a start to the season.