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Driving Miss Belle

The joy of watching someone you love overcome  fear and do what they knew they could do…. …priceless.

My sister piloted her Boston Whaler, with a Honda 60, from her houseboat, to the dock I am staying on, across San Francisco Bay to the Corinthian Yacht Club, by herself, first time, triumph!  We high fived each other as we got off Belle at the Club, only to be turned around by Hans, the dock master guy, who sent us into an even smaller spot, which terrified Janet even more, which she did anyway.

After a yummy Sunday brunch, we docked Belle back at the houseboat, walked to the sailboat and picked up Edgar and then back to the houseboat.  About a mile each way.  Along the route, a friend stopped Janet and gave her a couple fat, fresh frozen lobster tails from a recent diving trip.

We decided to eat the tails with sauteed vegetables in a white wine sauce.  When they thawed, it turned out we had been mistakenly given the “prize catch”.  This single tail was over 2 lbs of deliciousness.

“Mama said they’d be days like this” the good ones, the ones we we’ll remember, an incredible dinner cooked and enjoyed with a sister, a nice walk and conquest of fear.