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San Francisco

I drove to San Francisco to take in some tourist attractions.  These are the kind of places on the official tourist maps.

If you can find a spot at the foot of Van Ness at the Aquatic Park, enjoy 4 hours free parking. As a bonus, you can see the Historical Ships docked at the Hyde Street Pier.  From there it’s a short walk to Ghirardelli Square and the attached ice cream shop, I bought a small dark chocolate bar.

Deciding to walk off the chocolate before I ate it, I headed up Van Ness Ave toward Lombard.



Edgar was tired when we reached the top.  We walked up the other side and down the “crooked” side.  These hills are steep.  Going down, we had a nice view of Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill.

There is a documentary about the Parrots of Telegraph Hill, they were flying around as we strolled back toward the waterfront.



We headed up The Embarcadero toward Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf.  I bought a loaf of famous San Francisco Sour Dough bread at Boudin Bakery.

There are tons of shops on Fisherman’s Wharf and lots of places to buy and eat fresh chowder, crab, and all sorts of seafood.

Edgar pulled me through the shops and out the other end to the docks where the sea lions rest their huge bodies.  Seems the sea lion residents of San Francisco decided to head north and increased the population of the Sea Lion Caves in Oregon.  We did see lots of tourists and a few sea lions.

We passed the Cable Car Turnaround and the Bay Cruises Terminal where you can catch the ferry.  At least it is free northbound on the Golden Gate – southbound it costs $6.00 to cross.

Headed home with our bread and chocolate, anyone have some wine?


Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Downtown San Francisco

If it ever stops raining I am looking forward to exploring San Francisco.  Don’t give me that look, I don’t mind a little rain, but it is pouring buckets and add to that thunder and lightening.  Edgar doesn’t even want to take a walk.

My sister has lived here for years and I have enjoyed visiting.  This is the first time I will have my own car and not be pushed for time.  I hope to see all the tourist attractions plus add in a few out of the way places and some hikes in the hills and along the coast.

Meanwhile in the rain…….

Living on a boat is an interesting experience.  There is no shower, but there are really nice accommodations on shore.  It takes planning and practice to move myself, all my stuff and Edgar on and off the boat.  Each time Edgar needs his life vest so I can lift him, kind of worried about dropping him in the bay!

There is a small galley and when it stops raining,  nice, white cushions for outside seating.  Spotted a rail BBQ that will get some use in the weeks to come.

When the comorants, harbor seals, Forster’s terns and other fowl join in the shad hunt you can hear and see all the different fishing techniques.  There were about 12 harbor seals and too many birds to count fishing right in front of the boat.  It is a display worth standing in the rain to watch.