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Our Great American Harvest

The fields are ripe with wheat, corn, soybeans and sunflowers.  Giant harvesters are working side by side bringing in the bounty of America.  Fruit and nut trees of all types are heavy with their summer labors.

I have visited third world countries where the people scratch the earth and depend on our bounty to feed their families.  We are so rich in land, equipment, soil, sun and rain.  Our farmers benefit from the best education and research systems in the world.  Our infrastructure of road and rails ships the products quickly all over the country bringing fresh produce to the cities.

Our food is safe and grown to nourish this generation and generations to come.  Our family farmers cherish the land and their animals and treat both kindly.  We are so blessed to live in a country where we can not only feed our people, but the world’s hungry.

Next time you eat a bowl of cereal, think of the farmer who grew the wheat. Visit your local Farmer’s Market and buy some fresh produce or a jar of homemade jelly and enjoy America’s bounty this fall.





Customer Service, Product Quality and Pricing

It finally quit raining and my sister brought her dog, Jack, over to the boat.  We walked to Caldonia Street in Sausalito and I went into Caffe DiVino for two cappuccino’s.  While waiting for my coffee, I overheard a conversation.

“I couldn’t believe it” he said “after all I paid my chicken was dried out, they did a crappy job wrapping it, I am sick of that place.”  I turned around and said “Could you be talking about Mollie Stone’s?”

Wednesday night I stopped in Mollie Stone’s and bought a forbidden piece of $4.00 cake.  I expect a $4.00 slice of cake to be worth the calories.  When I put my plastic fork into it, ahhhhhh, blue, disgusting, fuzzy mold inside the icing.

Thursday afternoon my sister was putting away some groceries she bought at Mollie Stone’s and the  Aidelle’s Sausage, which we both love, was – you guessed it – slimy and moldy.

Mollie Stone’s pricing places them in the “boutique” category of grocery stores.  They are convenient to the docks.    Most people will pay a little more for cleanliness, convenience and great customer service, but the quality of the product is the foundation and Mollie Stone’s is crumbling and moldy.


p.s. The cappuccino at Caffe DiVino was scrumptious.

Breakfast Noodles

I am not your typical “roughing it” type of gal.  I don’t mind long hikes, tents, campfires, rain, animals in the camp at night……..but I do like my comfort.  Eating well and a soft bed are my number one and two priorities.

I am going to publish some recipes for eating well on the road – fast food will not get you up a mountain.

One of my favorite pre-hike breakfasts is:

Breakfast Noodles.

Take the cold spaghetti or egg noodles  out of the cooler and throw it into your preheated cast iron skillet with a little olive oil and some onion.  Break and scramble two eggs – drop the eggs onto the noodles and stir until cooked and coating the noodles.  Add your favorite spice and a little hard cheese, enjoy.