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The Godmothers of Timothy Murphy School

St. Vincent’s Mission: To meet the special education needs of St. Vincent’s residents and day students within the Marin Community with serious, academic, emotional and behavioral challenges, with a structured educational program and nurturing environment which addresses the academic, behavioral and community life skills of our students.

The Godmothers of Timothy Murphy School at St. Vincent’s actively support the boys by fund raising and volunteering to help provide a safe, nurturing environment where the boys can build self-esteem, improve social skills, and renew trust.

My sister is a Godmother.  We volunteered at Timothy Murphy School this week to help assemble prize baskets for their Annual Aloha Bingo.  The Godmothers are over 200 strong and we joined a group of about 30 dedicated bingo volunteers to help make the lives of the boys better.

These women know how to play bingo, they plan to raise between $30,000 and $40,000 dollars for the school at this event alone.
Through fundraising and donations, The Godmother’s provide the Timothy Murphy School extras like 2 vans, computer lab, a merit program and store …  you can visit their website at and learn more, or, if the spirit moves you, donate.

  The Godmothers of Timothy Murphy School honor their Mothers by taking care of kids left behind.  It was my honor to help out for a day.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and all the Moms of the world.


Hiking in Marin and Sonoma

Marin County is scenic.  You can take many hikes around the bay with views of the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco, and all the lovely hills and valleys surrounding the bay.

We started at the Marin Headlands Visitor Center and intended to walk the Miwok Trail loop.  How we ended up on the Bobcat Trail…… couldn’t guess, between me and my sister we could get lost in a round room, with a map, and a guide.

The Federal Forest Ranger pulled us over for walking our dogs on no dogs allowed paths, he gave us a map, pointed us in the right direction and sent us back down the hill.  We saw turkey vultures, red tail hawks and some wild iris.  Edgar picked up a California tick.

Today we drove to Sonoma and had lunch with Janet’s friend Pat.  Pat came to Portland last year to meet with Arnica Publishing about “Animals Everywhere”.  I took her and Janet for a hike in Forest Park and got us lost coming back from the Pittock Mansion.  Luckily, I flagged down a nice lady in a BMW who gave all three of us and Edgar a ride back to our car – we were on the wrong side of the hill.

Pat did not get us lost in Sonoma and I had the pleasure of walking in the 80 degree sunshine around some beautiful old vineyards.

We stopped on the way home at the Field of  Greens for some free range, just laid eggs, and at the Jacuzzi Winery for a few nice bottles of wine.