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Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego, the birthplace of California.

You can spend a pleasant few hours shopping, dining and visiting historic sites in Old Town.  I was pleased that Edgar was allowed to stroll around in Old Town.  We stopped at a mexican restaurant, Casa de Reyes,  for some lunch.  They had only one “dog” table and it was occupied.  I asked the two ladies sitting there if they would mind changing tables and they were quick to say yes.  Thanks so much to sisters Kim and Beth. 

It is said that, Old Town San Diego serves more tequila than anywhere else in the world so there is plenty to choose from.  Blanco or plata is the most common type, considered “unaged” under 60 days old, and may be bottled fresh from distillation.  Reposado means rested and is aged in oak barrels from two months to a year.  This is where the better tequilas starts and the taste becomes richer and more complex.  Anejo or vintage is aged in government sealed barrels for at least a year and the color is darker and richer from the barrels.

See how much you learn when you go to historic sites!