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Breakfast Noodles

I am not your typical “roughing it” type of gal.  I don’t mind long hikes, tents, campfires, rain, animals in the camp at night……..but I do like my comfort.  Eating well and a soft bed are my number one and two priorities.

I am going to publish some recipes for eating well on the road – fast food will not get you up a mountain.

One of my favorite pre-hike breakfasts is:

Breakfast Noodles.

Take the cold spaghetti or egg noodles  out of the cooler and throw it into your preheated cast iron skillet with a little olive oil and some onion.  Break and scramble two eggs – drop the eggs onto the noodles and stir until cooked and coating the noodles.  Add your favorite spice and a little hard cheese, enjoy.