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Golden Boy II

When I woke up yesterday morning a gigantic yacht was parked at the end of my dock.

3 stories, probably about 150 feet long, gleaming white with all kinds of electronic stuff sticking out the top and blocking my view.  There was a guy standing outside of it smoking a cigarette so I walked over to take a closer look.

Golden Boy II was named after the grandson of the real estate mogul who was, apparently, the original Golden Boy.  With real estate being what it is right now that must be a hefty title to wear, Golden Boy.  I shuddered, thinking it was just as bad as President, maybe worse, at least with President you ran for the title.  With Golden Boy II you were just lucky enough to be born 3rd in line to inherited hard work.

What, if like the bunny in Hop, you didn’t want to be Easter Bunny?  or Golden Boy?

There are some titles we choose for ourselves, Mom, Dad, Teacher, Doctor, Writer, mostly titles we love because they are who we are and what we do best.   I wonder if Golden Boy II had the choice?


p.s. when I woke up this morning Golden Boy II was gone so I didn’t get a photo, sorry.

Trying to unwind in Sausalito, CA

You would think of all places Sausalito would be perfect to unwind.  Especially living on a sailboat in a marina next to a beach and 10 minute walk from town.

There are Kingfishers, Forster’s Tern, American Coot, Great Blue Heron, and too many other birds to count, just outside my door.  3 parks along the waterfront in walking distance.  Still I have trouble stopping to watch the birds and smell the flowers.

The sailboat needs spring cleaning and I have been putting in a few hours everyday making it spic and span – what is the origin of that phrase?  Spic and Span.  Still not enough to do.

I walked the trail from Sausalito to Mill Valley this afternoon with my sister – about 3 miles through beautiful wetlands.  Then tonight I walked Edgar another 3 miles.  Still restless.

I have been off work for 24 days.  Stopping to appreciate life is more difficult than I had imagined.


Hillsboro, OR to Sausalito, CA

I really wanted to take my time driving from Hillsboro to Sausalito.  The rain and cold weather pushed me, which makes having no set schedule quite nice.

I arrived in Sausalito Monday afternoon. The sun was shining!

I am lucky enough to be able to stay aboard my brother-in-law’s sloop for a couple weeks.  Edgar walked happily down the dock and I lifted him, by his convenient life vest handle, on board.

Mid April, the boat is being dry docked for a couple days and I am going camping.  Where is your favorite place to camp and hike near Sausalito/SanFrancisco?