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Sleeping Under the Stars

The possibilities are endless, tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses.

I went with the REI Taj 3 Tent with footprint for home base.  When we abandon the car and go backpacking deeper into the woods I have a lightweight REI quarterdome T1 tent that I love.

After reading tons of reviews I decided on the Aero All Terrain mattress and will keep you updated how it holds up after a few months of wear and tear.  I already had an Exped Synmat that fits perfectly in the smaller tent.

I find it an interesting exercise in stretching and correct movement to successfully hoist this 54 year old body from laying on a mattress 8″ off the ground to a standing position.  I’m thinking of starting a yoga movement based on just this discipline.

My portable bedroom for the next year consists of a tent, mattress, Lafuma down sleeping bag, along with silk and fleece bag liners.  I am bringing a full size pillow and a couple really warm, wool army blankets from WWII.

Cold weather hint:  hand warmers stuffed in a sock at the bottom of your sleeping bag keep the toes warm for 8 hours and cost 50 cents.