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Burgers and Mushrooms

We left the Emerald Forest in the rain, it rained most of Sunday and set up wet on Sunday night in a little town called Willits.

It was horrible, now I will quit complaining.  I did luck out finding Buster’s and had a really great burger, the bun was perfect, some fries and a Guiness.

Now the mushrooms.  I met a guy named Jack on Monday morning at a small place. Jack bought me a coffee and croissant.  He had a sign that said he bought mushrooms which is how we met – I asked him about mushrooms.

He is currently buying Black Trumpet, Hedge Hog, and Yellow Feet mushrooms.  Pickers can earn $2,000 – 3,000 a month.  I had no idea.  Jack also owns the little Thai restaurant near 49th and Powell.  Small world.